About Irakipedia

Irakipedia is a free, open source, web-based encyclopedia which is multi-lingual, open to constributors and where information can be liberaly accessed and exchanged. It’s programming is based on the collaboratively edited, free internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia.


The Iraqi Center for Research and Studies (Mobdii) initiated Irakipedia in 2007. In 2013, in collaboration with the Iraqi Energy Institute Irakipedia was relaunched with modern programming and technologies in association with Al-Rasheed TV.


With your contributions, Irakipedia will grow as more information is added helping to position it as the leading Iraqi information platform.

Content enrichment and development in Irakipedia is open in all it’s segments in order to fill knowledge gaps about Iraq, such as heritage, contemporary history, resources, etc...

Impartiality and objectivity

Contributors need to be objective when adding information. They need to present views in an impartial manner when writing so as to avoid having content being expunged by the site’s management.

Contribute with what you have personal knowledge about such as your neighborhoods, universities, districts as well as personalities that you know and want others to know about as well.

As such, any addition, modification or contribution, no matter how small is greatly valuable to the encyclopedia.

The encyclopedia is everything about everything and cannot be a real almanac unless it contains significant information about Iraq.


Add to the Irakipedia any information you deem valuable such as your university, district, occupation, local interests, cultural aspects, tribe or any facts that add to the knowledge of others.

Help us correct what you perceive as erroneous existing information within the encyclopedia.

Add Information

Contributors do not need prior qualifications to participate in Irakipedia. The site is edited by all contributors of all ages and cultural backgrounds whether by writing original articles, or editing them. Everyone is encouraged to provide appropriate references and sources.

We do not object to the inclusion of appropriate links to other sites, as long as these links help enrich the subject content. Additionally, we do not object to extracting references from a book or source as long as they are clearly and accurately identified.

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